on my 6 years in throws

Lol ok so the wording might be a little funny because i was actually crafting this for a personal essay of sorts but i went over the character limit and had to chop things up. I wasn’t even really done but since i had to start editing i thought i would just post this here in it’s little incoherent, wannabe self~ (parenthesis added on WP don’t worry they are not in my uni application lol)

Over the course of my 6 years in Track and Field, I represented the school in the javelin and discus throw, attaining good finishes and occasional podium positions in the National Inter-School Track and Field Championships. I was also blessed with the opportunity to represent Singapore in the MSSM-WALA-SSSC International Little Athletics Championship(just something to show for yknow). Achievements aside, doing the same thing for 6 years may seem like a strange choice. Perhaps it indicates a passion for the sport or a competitive spirit with achievements abounding. The truth is that in those 6 years there were many times I wanted to give up and there were perfectly legitimate reasons to: in injury, transition from secondary school to junior college. What kept me going and what I would consider the biggest takeaway from the entire experience was the ‘team’(#TRUTH). The sport certainly helped me develop emotionally, mentally and physically through the rigour and drain(monotony) of numerous trainings and pressure-situations of competitions. The team however, was what kept me there to reap these rewards and spur me to become a better version of myself. Which is why I believe this concept of ‘team’ is so important and the lessons from it a quality feature to expound on.

Independence is important – especially in this day and age, but learning to rely on others in areas you are weaker in and playing to a other’s strong suits is important. Apart from learning this in track and field, this lesson was really cemented in the Singapore Maximum-18 Tchoukball team I was a part of in 2011(more things to show for). This concept was learnt on court with Tchoukball as a team sport and off court in Track and Field where there was more responsibility and management to be done(this point quite unclear right, but i didn’t have space to properly explain so fingers crossed…i do think that there was managing relations to be done, among peers, seniors and juniors and uh teachers? i didn’t rly dabble in that last bit though #smallfry). ‘Team’ also taught me to pull me own weight in whatever ways I can. It is always easy to slack, thinking someone else will pick it up in a team(i don’t rly know what this means lol but i do think that there is value in whatever words of encouragement and advice, however short like even just a JY). But to truly reach greater heights, I learnt that my effort always matters even if no one else notices. Another thing this concept of ‘team’ taught me was to look beyond myself. We all have our off days and although we always try to pull our own weight, I learnt that sometimes you should help others with theirs too. There will be days my load will be unbearable as well. It does seem that using the concept of a team as a microcosm and representation for the world might be a little naïve but these are simply qualities and lessons I as a person would like to carry through into not only university but also the different phases of my life.

I’m too lazy to properly write this out as a blog post and i know that if i hold it off i will come up empty handed so this post is a better than nothing reminder to future me and maybe something nice(hopefully) for my lovely teammates to read or something if i decide to share it…that’s all i guess



on my 6 years in throws

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